lol,words,funny,humor,love,single-1686533b6367bebba28d8d42c3100bba_hLove. What is it? Why is it? Where is it? Who can feel it? When can one feel it? How to feel it?

When the term love comes in an area, everybody reminisces pink and red color, hearts, opposite gender (same gender in some cases), flowers, romantic love stories, chats, letters, facebook,  Friday nights, mid-nights, coitus, cuddling, joking, giggling, gazing, dancing, singing, long drives, attraction, affection, devotion, respect, parents, family, pets, animals, nature, space, etc. etc. etc……… Is there any ending of the list?

Love is in everything.

One who respires can feel the love. All that is required to love someone is courage. Courage to take risks, courage to fight with hard times, courage to hurt the hatred and courage to get hurt… One who is not afraid of getting hurt can love. If you have nothing to lose then you can love.

I’ve been there a few times. It’s an adventurous journey. It’s nothing like you see in movies, or you read in books, neither it is like people tell their stories nor how you would have imagined it to be. I’d tell you how it is but it won’t be the same for you. Trust me.

I have had and still can enjoy the emotional turmoil, not because I love loving but for the fact that it’s the feeling none can explain. What I love is getting hurt and fighting back, not physically but emotionally. It works for me… gives me balance.

I’m pretty sure you have built some imaginary love street of your own where you play with your crush knowing the fact that he/she doesn’t gives you a damn! But still you play, right? Why do you do that? Because you’re not afraid of losing anything. Are you? I know the answer.

Feel it. Feel it in the air, in the water, in the words, in the food, in the ice cream, in the flowers, in the sky, in the clouds, in the clothes, in the shower, in the bed, in the pizza, in the burger, in the books, in the keys of your keyboard. (LOL) Feel it everywhere because you know life is pointless.

I feel it in writing stupid articles in spite of knowing the fact that what I write these days is ridiculous (something’s really wrong with my writing skills). See, how easy that is. I’m not afraid of receiving bully comments from people who’d read it. It’s true. Deal with it.

So at last I’d say love for all what you have is momentary. You were born so you could die… what you did in between the two pillars remains as your history. And people are much interested in history than future. Experience the ups & downs and highs & lows of life. You’d love loving love once you start loving you lovely lovely life.


Pointless Crap.

Blessed are those who don’t have anybody to console them at their low times. They are blessed in way that without anybody’s sympathy and support they learn to fight against their present by themselves. But the things which they lack then is love kindness and trust. They don’t believe anybody because none listened to them in their past. They don’t love anybody because they’re scared of the probability that their new partner would ditch them. They lose kindness because nobody was kind to them. And then their hatred against god takes birth. They believe in god but they try too hard to not to believe in him. Whenever they are to do something, they’d ask god to help them and they curse him if they fail.

We are stupid people, living in a stupid world, daily repeating the same stupidity in various stupid ways. Life is pointless. It all is just a thought, all of us are mere imaginations of our own selves. You become what you think, and if you don’t, then you become what others think about you. You’re your own god. You’re your own maker. You’re your own operator. You’re your own destroyer. In short – you’re everything, you’re nothing.

Who are you? A man? A woman? A devil? A saint?

I’d be more than happy to know if you’d say that you’re a devil. Because you and I we both know who you really are. You’ll never save a human from dying if I offer you a Bill Gates size bank account for not doing so.

I’m not in a mood to write anything else. Was getting bored so wrote this meaningless bullshit.