“I don’t love you, I don’t hate you…”

On the verge of life and death, here comes a truth. I, I am a truth. My breath is truth, my blood is truth, my eyes are truth and my soul is truth. You don’t doubt on them but you doubt on my words. You are afraid that I’ll look into your eyes, get hold on your veins, connect to your soul, pull you close, so close that you could feel my breath and say “I Love You”; hearing which you’d squeeze your eyes, try to push me back, try to look away but you’d look down when a salty water drop would flow out from one of your eyes.

You look into my eyes; your soul’s screeching inside to get rid of the irk, your tears are flowing out to mutilate the silence, your lips are quivering, trying to rap your heart but your body’s getting easy making you miserable and serene; you’re trying to claim something but can’t get hold on your ecstasy, my euphoria.

You’re loosing yourself in my arms, you’re surrendering your body and anima to me, you’re pushing yourself to me… against me, your eyes are closed, your lips are searching mine, your nose’s touching mine.

A cool breeze passed. Your warm wet lips touched my dry smoky lips. I can feel your warm breath, I can taste your strawberry lips, I can feel the fire, I’m afraid, I’ll be seared.

You took my hand and placed it on your girth. I could feel the curve, I could feel the smoothness, I could feel the friction, I could feel the feeling. Your wailing raised, my pulsations increased. Blood circulated, like never before.

Loud thunder lightened the sky. You quaked. Your lips ceased their motility. It rained, we were misty. You became translucent, you tried to hide that. You were perplexed and bewildered experiencing the rain in the month of winters. I touched you, you were dead cold. You blushed and started running away. I chased, but lost you in the smoke. I looked for you, ran here and there, screamed out loud, heard my echo, cried in rain, ran in water and found myself…standing on the verge of life and death.