I don’t love anybody. I dont think I can. I have experienced love but it hurt me like any other person from novels, movies or reality. So, personally I no more believe that I can ever love. I don’t even want to. I hate people who love each other, who love themselves, who love love, who hate love. Whatever it may be; I hate people.
I love my parents but that’s another love. That is inherent. Intrinsic. Implicit. Constitutional. Mandatory. Must. Source of Energy, life.
I can recall from the past events, say mishappenings, me telling girls that I love ’em. My behaviour after their response remained the same everytime. It doesnt matter they say ‘I love you too’ or ‘we are just friends’ or whatever; Usually just after saying ‘I love you’ my feelings die for a person. This thing I have in my subconcious mind. May be that’s why I never say and have never said the “love” sentence to my parents and brother. I love them more than anyting.
Am I jinxed? I am jinxed. Jinxed? Bullshit.
No more words. Just thoughts.