I’m the guy you’ll find alone


-Sudhanshu Chouhan

I’m the guy you’ll find alone,

Sitting at the table for

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the bar,

In the park,

On the beach,

In the city.

I flow with

The winds alone,

I glide on

The time alone,

I walk alone.

The way I know you,

You don’t need me.

Blinded by the joys,

You don’t see me.

But you’ll see me

When it is all gone.

Mine is the soul

You will find

When you’re alone;

You will see me

With your eyes open

And closed.

You will see me


It is dark,

You will see me


You don’t know

What to look for.

You will see me


Nobody is looking for


You will find me

Just like you.


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 © sudhanshuchouhanpoetry