No Need to Keep The Track of Time


No Need to Keep The Track of Time

-Sudhanshu Chouhan

No need to keep

the track of time.

It’ll pass anyway,

leaving you old

and used up.

With skin wrinkling

and mass bulging out

from all the corners

of the body

of which

you were once proud.

Leaving you dumbfounded

and make you realize

that’s not wisdom

you thought you had,

there is nothing

you thought you owned,

money’s just

a piece of paper,

you are just some nobody

in the crowd.



let’s not talk about it

because it hurts.

But what doesn’t?


Can you talk


the Mondays you hated?


the weekends you wasted?

Maybe about

the government that oppress you,

or maybe

the relations that depress you.


It takes audacity

to wear the mask of contentment.

When you wear it, then,

listen to me,

keep it for so long

that you lose the track of time.

The mask will take

shape of your face.


it’ll become your identity.

And once it has left

its impression on you,

pass it on

to the people

of my world.

~Sudhanshu Chouhan


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