My Birthday Poem


Screenshot (16)

So it goes like this…

-Sudhanshu Chouhan

There’s a relentless fear
of death
among us
But it excites me
It’s mysterious
Where do we go after that?
Nobody knows
But I guess I do.
We come back here
On the earth
To live again
As an ass
With the assholes.
The planet is a
community of assholes.
Fuckers and suckers
Are you afraid of death?
I am not.
I have got no love
No eternal friend
No land
No asset
I have got nothing to lose
But a glass bottle
Which is keeping me alive
Full of bitter nectar
Which tastes sweeter
As compared to
This world.
I am standing
On the edge
Of a cliff
Hoping to get kissed
By my lifelong friend
My lifelong enemy
My love
My life
My death.


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