Life is Easy.


I’m enjoying probably the best days of my life yet lived. Life is easy. And the ones who think that it is not are simply stupid and wondering how and why. I’ve never said myself that it is difficult. Actually I have never commented over the nature of life, though I might have commented over its being, now and then. If you could read that and still are able to read and process this then it means that you are alive. And if being alive doesn’t make you happy then I don’t know what would. I read those lines somewhere I do not remember. And that’s the good thing about truth — you never have to care where it came from. Good, you do understand! Now listen to what I have to say. From here onward read this thing like you are the only person who’s ever going to read it. Take your time. Read it carefully. There’s nothing that I have written which is not something that you already do not know. Finding difficulty in figuring out the last sentence? Don’t worry; I’ll keep it simple now. It’s about time you put a smile on your soul, your face will catch it sooner or later. But it will. Forgive everyone who ever hurt you. At least try. Okay, try it for a week and if doesn’t work then go back to being your present self. But at least try. You know how you feel when you are left ‘unforgiven’. I know that’s not a word but you do understand the feeling. Right? Yeah, right. And try this one more thing. Forgive yourself on the behalf of the people who have not forgiven you. There’s no meaning of dancing on the dance floor of someone else’s ego. And that doesn’t give you the right to dance on your own floor either. Dance. It is a good thing. But not on the ego-floor! Stand up and Dance. Dance like you have a tickle in your bum and your hands are tied and your legs are on fire. Even the thought of that is funny, eh? Now imagine everyone around you dancing like that. Now imagine everyone you ever came across dancing in the same way. Your school principal, your bus driver, your boss, your arrogant neighbor, your best friends, your irritating relatives, your ex. Picture me if you know me, you’ll laugh like hell. Was that too difficult to do? Probably not. If it was then you have to start reading books. They help you cultivate imagination. Good ones. And it helps you express your feelings. For example, I started writing this blog post (I don’t really know what to call it, so I just call it a blog post) as a facebook status. Just the first two sentences. But then thoughts came on in abundance, choking on their own and in need of words, so I just let them flow through the tips of my fingers on the keyboard and gave them life. Feels good. You should try this one as well. Now I don’t know where to end this. This is the most confusing part of writing. You never know when to stop. So what I have figured out is to leave this sente


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