To the one who can’t love me…

I have been in love before but never felt like this.. this is new love.. Dedicated to her, the one who doesn’t hate me but can’t love me..

I first got my heart broken

when I was twelve,

wasn’t quite the age

in something stupid to delve.

First time it broke into two

second time in a few

third time in millions

and fourth time in billions.

I couldn’t care less

about picking the pieces.

You know, it hurts.

But I’ve got addicted to

A certain kind of sadness

A certain kind of pain


my senses ready to burst.

I wish

I choke on my love for you

and die

without blinking an eye.

I know you wouldn’t mind

‘coz you’re the devil in disguise.

I want you to live my life

the way I live it for you.

I want you to see you

through my eyes.

I want you to be me for a day

and see how painful it is to love you.

You’ll see my words are not lies.

– Sudhanshu Chouhan