10 Things I Learned in 4 Years at KLU

Disclaimer: This article is in no way intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments or defaming the said university. In case a reader gets offended by the content of this article he/she needs to take a laughter therapy and read books on how to grow up. Thank you for reading.


1. Your looks matter more than your outlook

The moment you step in the campus you realize that what you’re wearing is more important than what you are. Simple plain clothes, not too casual, and ID Card. Oh! ID Card is like your license to enter the campus and sit in a class. Even the PM of India can’t enter the campus without an ID card otherwise he’ll have to pay a fine and then get permission from Dr. Khan. And trust me that’s no fun. But since the university has an administrative management so I agree that this is a good practice and for this reason I give this one to them.


2. If you have a high ego and know how to read a ppt you can become a lecturer

I think this is how the interview process goes for hiring lecturers

Interviewer: Do you know how to google?

Lecturer: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Do you know how to copy from internet?

Lecturer: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Do you know how to paste it in a PPT?

Lecturer: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Do you know how to read from PPT?

Lecturer: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Are you sure you won’t teach students anything other than what you write in the PPT?

Lecturer: Yes, sir, ofcourse.

Interviewer: Are you sure you’ll show them arrogance if they ask you anything out of the ppt?

Lecturer: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: Does your ego get easily hurt?

Lecturer: Yes, sir.

Interviewer: You’re hired!


I have nothing more to say.


3. Investment on infrastructure is more important than on education

The content and its delivery is so poor that anyone would agree that whatever the technology is being used to develop the infrastructure of the campus cannot be developed by the engineers who are passing from the university. Necessary engineering tools and software are not being taught to the students at the level at which industries are using them. For example, MATLAB is the best tool in hands of any engineer because of its wide applicability. The level of MATLAB taught to students in first year is lower than the Onramp Course provided for free on Mathworks’ official website.


4. There exists a language called Tenglish

A language whose grammar has no rules or boundations. And it’s only understood by people of great mettle. WARNING: Any attempt to learn or understand this language may give you horrible vocabulary. As a normal English language speaker you may get traumatized by the amount of a’s and u’s used at the end of each word here. Take a simple English sentence “I have a pink sheep” which is impossible and you can tell that because your brain actually processed it and your cognitive abilities told you that sheep are not pink. Now take the same sentence in Tenglish, “Ayi havv-a pinku sheepu” which may give a non-Tenglish speaker brain hemorrhage. If anyone ever asks you “Whuch pluce?” then you should know that they mean “Which place are you from?” and when you hear them asking for “kiss” don’t get alarmed, just handover them your “keys”. More examples are listed below.

What ra? – What do you want dear?

Are you dinner? – Have you had your dinner?

Making rice aa? – Are you cooking rice?

I am anxiety! – I am excited!

I switch offed it – I switched it off

I don’t drink cigarette – I don’t smoke


5. Akukuralu is the life of every dish

You can’t have a dish without an army of akukuralu (curry leaves) protecting it. You may understand this just from the fact that by the time my Telugu friends finish eating I am still fighting with the curry leaves. By the time I’m done removing all the curry leaves from my food I would have three different people coming and sitting next to me, finishing their meals. By the time I start eating the food there’s already fungus in it. I don’t understand why there’s an entire plant of curry leaves in my food!!! Telugu people like only three things: Movies, Politics and Curry leaves. Which brings me to my next point.


6. The results of movies are more important than exam results

Here we have an age band which is more interested in knowing “Why did Katappa kill Baahubali?” than why their grades are so low? I don’t believe that grades are everything but they surely are something. How much your favorite actor’s movie earned is none of your business. You’re not getting anything from it. The movie stars don’t even care about you! They don’t know you! Then how and why are you giving them more importance than your own life?


7. Nobody cares for civil engineers

All the KLU students will agree with me on this. Undoubtedly, nobody cares about the civil engineering department. They don’t even have their own department building! University has given them an entire floor in the Mechanical Department building, that‘s it! And where are the jobs for Civil Engineers? The way the university’s layout is done I don’t think it actually has any interest in good civil engineering at all.


8. Royal Enfield is for everyone

Royal Enfield is not royal anymore. Gone are those days when I’d see a Royal Enfield once in a while and dream of having that motorcycle because it made the rider look cool and hot both at the same time. Royal Enfield is something I desired of having. But no more. Thanks to every third person here who has a Royal Enfield. I don’t want to write more on this because my heart bleeds.


9. In every class there are at least 23 people named Sai

Jesus! What’s the deal with people named Sai? Why are they so many Sais? It’s like an entire generation of parents ran out of first names. And Sai is so flexible you can use it anywhere in your name, for example: Sai Yaswanth or Yaswanth Sai. And this miraculous name is not just for boys, it’s a unisex name! It’s so cool that I have named my goldfish Sai Jalpari. Or should I keep it Jalpari Sai? Do tell me.


10. Talking to opposite gender is equal to having illegitimate babies with them

The university is co-ed but the FED building has separate stairs for girls and boys. This is horribly funny. You cannot walk or talk with a person of opposite gender without getting ogled by bystanders. If you are a girl then get ready to get your character certificate issued by the boys whom you don’t talk to. If you’re a guy then get ready to spend money on your friends every time they catch you talking to a girl. And one thing for both boys and girls, get good at playing hide and seek with the discipline committee.


I hope the university becomes better at teaching and get a little modernized, bend some rules, and break some traditional thinking patterns. That’s the way to grow. I’m sure that is not all that is there to be learned from 4 years at KLU. Do share your experience. Thanks for reading.


-Sudhanshu Chouhan


You never knew

You never knew
I’ve always been crazy
For you
You drubbed my feelings
When I put them
Before you
You never knew that
But all of it’s true
I can’t forgive you
Although I miss you

There is someone I love



There is someone I love

and she’s the only one.

She is not one of those

one-in-a-million girls,

there’s only one of her kind

and that is her,

that is my love.


I have written

more than a thousand words

about her,

for her,

and have said

more than thousands of times

“I love you”

“I love you” to her.

But it never seems to be enough,

there’s always that feeling

of writing few more words,

of saying it few more times.

One heart I’ve given to her

I wish I had more to offer.


I wish I could tell

the whole world

about my love

and the beauty she is

but I like the secrecy

because she’s a keeper.


I’m not gonna let

the world know

who she is

because it will try to

steal her from me

and killing the entire world

is not something I can afford.

So I Let It All Out

I don’t like emotional drama because I’m an emotional person and I hate to display them to people I work with. The world around me sees me as a jerk who doesn’t give a fuck about what others feel when I throw my words at them and that is partially true. But what you’re about to read is something which I’ve been thinking about making public for a while now. I was trying to supress this emotional high but everyday people remind me of it and today I want to let it all out. This year’s Samyak made me feel alive and I hope this feeling is everlasting. Every day, since the first day of Samyak, I come across many people and randomly one person approaches me and says things like “You sing very well”, “You’re blessed”, “Your voice is like Arijit Singh”, “I’m your big fan”, and more. It may sound self-boasting but, hey who gives a fuck, people have actually approached me for my autograph. Sounds funny but that’s the truth. I mean you don’t just have a reputation in your university for nothing, eh. When even your faculty members give you a special treatment (but no marks) you know you have done something different. Good different. Something that makes them all feel proud of you. I’m overwhelmed and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who cheered for me, who came to me and said all those sweet words, who made me realise that I am something other than a couch potato.

The main people because of whom all this could be possible are three most lovely people I’ve met in this university: Manojna, Madhur and Venkat Sai. And trust me when I say they’re lovely that means they are. I don’t just go around calling people lovely. That’d be stupid. Well, they’ve known me for almost three years now and they know I’m not the jerk that everyone thinks I am. They’ve seen me transform from what I was to what I am and I hope they don’t mind me being me. It’s only because of these three people today I’m writing this, because I gave up on Swara Club in the first year, then in the second year and then in the third year and I may quit the club next year. I’m in the club only because of these three people. Now there will be no Shannu and no Manojna to call me at odd times and say “please come, we need you.” And I’m going to miss them for that but nobody will miss me if I leave the club because no one has the patience to handle me except them. Okay! Let’s just accept that our club is an army of stupid amateur singers who are oblivious of this fact and these three would agree with me without having a second thought. Still, they kept on recruiting and recruiting because they had a dream.

They always saw the club as a group of people, passionate about music, coming together and forming bonds. They gave chance to almost every idiot who came to them, including me. All they wanted was to form a group of people who were happy to be in the club and got each other’s back. Well, I’m glad to say they have succeeded the part where they bring people together because when I see the club today — it’s united, or at least we care enough to show that we are. I’d be their only failure because it’s me –I’m a loner. A group of happy people scares me. That’s that. And, frankly, it’s too sad that I and Afreen will be the only two persons to know actually how much they have done for the club and for us. Especially Manojna, I’m sure she’s aware of what people talk about behind her back, but she always stood by our side. I’d say that I love her but I’m not allowed to say that. So just a huge thanks. THANKS. Oh! I remember I sent her a text after Samyak last year. I never got to know if she did receive it. Anyway. I’d like to appreciate the efforts of Venkat Sai for all his blood, sweat, money and time he spent on and for the club, not to mention the success of Sangeeth and Raaga. Congrats! And thanks for treating me as a brother and laughing on all my jokes. Not many people do that nowadays. Apparently, arrogance has become a trend. And Shannu anna, he’s an angry young man, I didn’t like him at first but later I learnt that he’s one of the sweetest person one could come across, doesn’t worry about anything, he lets other do their business. Thanks for keeping up with my bullshit. I hope they all do well in their lives, and maybe call me sometimes just to ask me how I am doing because I’m going to miss them.

God! Where did I start writing this! Well, take it as my farewell speech for this awesome trio because I won’t be present at the farewell party if there will be any because sure as hell I’m not the person you want to be around when you’re all sentimental and crying. I won’t let you enjoy the moment. I’ll be like, “C’mon! Just get it over with.” And then I’ll sob alone when no one is around.

It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.


It’s okay
It’s gonna be okay
At least that’s what
My heart tells me
But when I see inside my soul
It’s far far away from me

Okay is
Just a bottle of whisky,
A pack of cigarettes,
A good pen,
And a bunch of pale papers.
I can buy okay
Half of it is costly
Other half is cheap
But not permanent
It doesn’t stay with me.
Something is wrong with me
That’s why
Okay doesn’t feel okay with me
Or maybe I hurt okay too much
That’s why it stays away from me.
It’s okay
It’s gonna be okay
At least that’s what
My heart tells me
But when I see around myself
It’s far far away from me.

In my bar
There’s no bartender
Only a dozen broken tables
And plastic chairs for seats
It’s ugly and depressing
Sad, bleak, daunting, disheartening.
Maybe that’s how they sell more of it
Sometimes warm
Sometimes chilled.
I personally like it warm
and melting
Coldness is not
one of my virtues..
Sometimes some tear drops
Roll down my cheeks
Tiny little fuckers
Of no fuckin’ use.
It’s okay
It’s gonna be okay
At least that’s what
My heart tells me
But when I hear the mournful sound of it
I know it’s far far away from me.

– Sudhanshu Chouhan

Just you and me


You know
Sometimes I say things
That I don’t mean..
Sometimes I say things
That I mean
But I’m not sure of..
Sometimes I can’t say
What I mean..
And sometimes
I can’t say anything at all..
Sometimes I feel
I’m really here.
Sometimes I feel
I wish I were there.
Sometimes I feel
How would it feel
Not being here…
Not being there…
Away from the colors
Not being anywhere.
On a second thought,
maybe somewhere.
Where nothing exists..
Nothing big, nothing small
Where there’s no sign
of anything at all.
Just vaporous souls
of you and me..
Enthralled by
no destiny.
Where there are no walls,
not a single gate.
Where no one
writes our fate.
Just osculating souls
of you and me..
Enthralled by
no destiny.

-Sudhanshu Chouhan

I miss her


She’s in the tears
in my eyes,
She’s in the muteness
on my lips,
She’s in the pain
in my heart,
She’s in the sorrow
on my face…

She’s there
I know she’s everywhere.
I made her upset
I know
I’m imprudent.

I can’t think
of not thinking about her.
I can’t breathe without
missing her
every moment.

-Sudhanshu Chouhan



We live in a rat’s nest
all the time restless.
In the ever increasing entropy
it’s all just infinite chaos.
And I’m a squeaky sound
in the symphony
the universe is playing.
I’m a crazy one.
I’m a hazy one.
I should be damned
from this world.
I should be condemned
from this world.
This world
is too good for me,
for my thoughts
and my reality.

I walk ahead of them
they pull me back,
I walk behind them
they laugh at me,
I walk with them
they push me away.
I try to want to walk with them
but they don’t want me.
they’re all so confused!
–ugly holes in the fabric of
my reality,
They make me feel happy
to be a mortal;
what good is it
to live in a world
which doesn’t want to
And they all want change.
I don’t.
I want them to continue
like this
and write the manuscript
of their own doom.
I don’t care
I’ll be gone soon.
In a millennium or two
they’ll all die too.
Morally, they are already
almost there.
There’s too much of
unused love
rotting in the pens of poets.
There’s too much of abhorrence
in the heads of gunmen.
There’s too much to hurt
too much to save.
Empty hearts
and empty graves.
I’ve been hurt
and I fight with it
to not let it turn
into lawless hate.
Guess I was too late.
Too much
I try
Too much
I feel
And there is too less
Time to heal.

-Sudhanshu Chouhan

My loneliness


My loneliness is very beautiful,
it looks like you.
A little bit like me
but more like you.

My loneliness,
like wax,
keeps on melting
in the furnace of time.
I collected it,
moulded into a figure,
its face
looks like your face.
Not mine.
Only there’s no heat in its breath.
Only there’s no light in its eyes.
Only there’s no sound in its laughter.
Only there’s no truth in its lies.

I don’t wish
to win you anymore.
I can live like this.
I will live like this.
Just tell me once
does your loneliness
look like me?

-Sudhanshu Chouhan

Sometimes I’m very sorry

I am a human being
And I make mistakes.
But then I apologize,
You know the courage it takes?

Sometimes I’m very sorry,
“Forgive me for God’s sake!”
Other times I admit it ‘coz
Our memories are at stake.

I can be a pain in ass.
Sometimes even head ache.
Although we’re not ductile enough
I’ll never let “us” break.
-Sudhanshu Chouhan