Happy Independence Day???

Giving a break to my unconventionalism I’d like to share something on the 65th Independence Day of my country, my mother, India.

Today, 15th August 2012, is the 65th birthday of Indian independence. This statement truly justifies the present state of India. Our country is now aged; it is toothless, retired, corrupt, full of shit, its own people don’t take care of it and….. And there’s much more to say but I can’t.

Gandhi saw an independent India, Bhagat Singh saw a young revolutionary India, nehru saw a democratic India, Ambedkar saw a constituted India, Rajiv Gandhi saw a developed India and I see a sold out, aged India.
Today we talk about the bravery of those people who spent each and every cell of their body for the independence of this country, but we ourself don’t want to become one of them. Why!?

When we talk about ‘Indian Independence Day’, a school going child smiles, a mother who lost her son in war, cries. An army man salutes the tricolor, a mobster mobs with high collar. A common man reads his daily newspaper, a bussiness man deals with his official black papers. A five years old ragger learns to count and a politician checks his swiss bank account.

I see a sold out and a still selling India. Each day politicians are selling our nation to each other in the name of scams, donations, election-publicity, fraud, bribe. Not only politicians but every single indian is selling his nation with his own hands – bribe, commission, dowry. Need I say more?

Though it is a very sensitive topic, anyways I’m gonna comment on it in one line: What kind of independence or freedom is it which gave birth to the Hindu-Muslim rivalry?

Independence means the state or quality of deing independent. Yes, we are independent, we’re free, we even have to of our rights in the name of freedom, but the question here rises that – What are our achievements in these 65 years?
I know there are some, but, then what about: numerous scams? 3G in the age of much more advanced technology? 1 lakh car nano which was never sold in its so called price? IITs — which, every year, produces high quality engineers for USA? Reality shows? Scanals? Murders? Rapes? Molestation? Women emopowerment? Metros?

We’re independent and free on papers, but every Indian is mentally boxed by the feelings of insecurity, recession, terrorism and corruption. God bless India.

The question is… Are we independent and free?
If yes, then what is independence?